(Prices and services are subject to change)


  • FBJ Signature Facial     $150* 

Deep pores cleaning, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, and custom mask.

  •  Ultra-Anti-Aging Treatment     $200* 

Anti-aging skin treatment using optimal anti-aging solution that has the lifting effect, effective for prevention of aging, wrinkle improvement and restoration of skin elasticity. 

  • Brightening Jewelry Peel Treatment     $180* 

​Skin toning treatment by improving dullness and pigmentation. Applying brightening mask O2 bubble effect to improve dark and dull skin radiantly and clear. 

  • Trouble Skin Care Facial with LED     $190* 

A treatment for trouble skin, blackheads/whiteheads, and pores. Deep cleansing care in pore without irritation. Using calming, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic for skin purification, shrink pores and leave the skin fresh and relaxing.​

  • Dermaplane Facial     $155* 

Dermaplaning is a process of gently exfoliating and sweeping away dead skin and fine hairs to reveal smooth and glowy skin, helps the absorption of the skincare products and allows smoother make up application. This treatment includes of cleansing and calming mask and serum for your skin specific needs.


Advanced Facials with Modalities

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion Full Facial with LED     $180* 

Microdermabrasion is a painless cosmetic treatment with no downtime. It helps to gently exfoliate surface layers of skin using abrasion and suction. Diamond-studded tips to abrade the skin and vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells. Benefits of microdermabrasion is stimulating cell turnover, collagen and elastin production. It treats superficial wrinkles, large pores, superficial scars, age spot, dull and congested skin, rough and uneven skin.

  • ​Hydro Facial  with LED     $275*

3 in 1 treatment that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin with condition specific serums for all-inclusive treatment.  Improves radiance and stimulates healthy cell renewal. 

  • Full Face RF and Microcurrent Facial Therapy     $200* 

Using an innovative beauty device that designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and strengthen skin's natural power (core) for a healthier, younger looking complexion. This device uses a soft wave of microcurrent technology that works to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. Treatments can be done once a week or bi-weekly. ​


Plasma Fibroblast 

Plasma fibroblast treatment is a nonsurgical skin-tightening procedure that uses a high plasma energy that creates micro-trauma in the skin that encourage cells known as fibroblasts to repair the skin to maintain the firmness. 

  • Plasma Upper Facial treatment 

*Forehead Lift/ Softening/ Worry Lines   *Hollow Temples   *Dragon Lift/ Non-surgical Browplasty   *Glabella/Radix/Relax Lines   * Crow's Feet

*Upper eyelids/ non-surgical blepharoplasty   * Lower eyelids/ non-surgical blepharoplasty   

* Other Infraorbital

  • Mid Facial Treatment

*Bunny Lines   *Nose Resurfacing   *Cheeks/ Buccal Region   *Tear Troughs 

 * Ear Lobes/Auricular region   *Nasolabial Folds

  • Lower Facial Treatment ​   

*Perioral Lines   *Mouth Corners   *Chin Augmentation   *Marionette Lines   

*Lip Flip   *Jawline Augmentation

  • Advanced Treatment

*Non-surgical Brachioplasty/Arms/Hand   *Abdominal area   *Stretchmarks/Abdominal area   *Scar Revision & resurfacing 

*Skin Tags & Moles removal   *Pigmentation correction   *Legs/Knees   

*Facelift/Non-surgical rhytidectomy (full, mini, temporal, upper, midface, cutaneous, lower)

*Facial resurfacing/Peel   *Other loose skin

  • Progressive Facelift Treatment 

*Non-surgical Facelifts (full, mid and mini) *Overall Facial Resurfacing & rejuvenation   

*Neck Lift/ Turkey neck/Neck lines/Neck cords/banding

****Plasma fibroblast treatment pricing will be determined at your initial consultation****


Plasma Rejuvenation Peel

Wonderful treatment for rejuvenation purposes, active acne, hyperpigmentation correction, age spots removal and safe for rosacea. Sebaceous activity is reduced to 20% immediately. Absorption of cosmeceutical products is increased 80%. This treatment also gives you a facelift effect!! 

  • Plasma Full face Peel     $735*
  • Neck area     $355*
  • Body Plasma Peel (price will vary depending on your body part, area to be treated)


This is also known as electroporation. It is electromagnetic pulse that disrupts the skin's intercellular connections allowing therapeutic substances and preparations to be absorbed deep into the dermal layers of the skin, non-invasively. Active substances transdermal serums and the like of low molecular weight serums such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, antioxidants and epidermal growth factors (EFG) penetrate the skin without the need for traditional injections. Plasmaporation is recommended for everyone post plasma pen treatments. This can be done 1 per week for 4 weeks/6 weeks or fortnightly for 8 weeks/12 weeks.

  •  Plasmaporation facial package 4 treatments     $680*
  •  Plasmaporation facial package 6 treatments    $1100*
  •  Plasmaporation body package (price will vary depending on body part, area to be treated and frequency, number of sessions.)
  •  Plasmaporation  single facial booster     $200

Baby or Soft Plasma

Baby or soft plasma is a mild introduction to plasma pen treatments. A fractional tip over dry skin, no numbing needed to create plasma energy that causes superficial contraction of stratum corneum and thermal conduction to stimulate fibroblast. 

  •  Full Face treatment     $470*
  • Neck area     $300*
  •  Body area price will vary depending on the body part, area to be treated.


Facials Massages

  • Reconstructive Face Lifting Full Facial    $250 (90 minutes)

​ An effective noninvasive method of aesthetic face and neck correction due to age-related changes. Using a combination technique designed to release tension in the face, neck and head area, open up clogged lymph nodes to allow lymph vessels to work properly to remove waste products, increase blood circulation to bring nutrients to the tissues, thus, to sculpt, correct, reconstruct the face at any age. You will get a treatment and a therapy at the same time. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and applying specific serum for your skin needs.

  •  Buccal Facial Massage    $175 (60 minutes)

An exotic technique involves massaging both and outside of the face and inside of the mouth. Buccal massage can improve circulation, decrease the puffiness, and stimulate repair of the tissue. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and applying specific serum for your skin needs.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage     $175 (60 minutes)

Lymphatic drainage massage clear away buildup of lymphatic fluid within your face. This promotes blood flow, clear away toxins below the skin surface, improves complexion. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and applying specific serum for your skin needs

  • Gua Sha Facial     $175 (60 minutes)

Facial Gua Sha is a facial massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face. This facial massage boost blood circulation, lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. This treatment firms and lift skin instantly, renew facial contours, reverse sagging skin, reduce puffiness, minimize appearance of wrinkles and promote radiant complexion. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and applying specific serum for your skin needs. 


**Facial Massage Packages available**



Scalp Spa Experience

Regular Scalp Spa  treatments can improve scalp health, promotes hair growth, relieves stress, detoxifies and  enhances hair condition.

  • Basic Scalp Spa Experience     $150 (60 minutes) 

~Comprehensive scalp examination

~Lymphatic brushing to detoxify neck and shoulder to promote lymphatic flow

~Application of Scalp Mask to deeply nourish, eye mask, scalp massage and scalp steaming

~Revitalizing scalp serum

** Buy 2 Basic Spa Experience $275 / Buy 3 Basic Spa Experience $400**

  • Deep Scalp Spa Experience     $190 (90 minutes)

~Comprehensive scalp examination

~Lymphatic brushing to detoxify neck and shoulder to promote lymphatic flow

~Scalp exfoliation to remove dead skin and build up

~Application of Scalp Mask to deeply nourish, eye mask, scalp massage, scalp steaming, gua sha facial tension massage for neck and shoulder

~Revitalizing scalp serum

** Buy 2 Deep Scalp Spa Experience $355 / Buy 3 Deep Scalp Spa Experience $520**

  • Advanced Scalp Spa Experience   $290 (90minutes)

~Comprehensive scalp examination

~Lymphatic brushing to detoxify neck and shoulder to promote lymphatic flow

~Hydro Scalp facial to remove build up and hydrates

~Peptide infusion with our Nano Oxygen infusion injection

~High Frequency for Scalp Care

~Revitalizing scalp serum

** Buy 2 Advanced Scalp Spa Experience $555 / Buy 3 Advanced Scalp Spa Experience $820**



  • ZO stimulator peel     $200
  • Time Machine spicule peel     $205

We offer a wide range of chemical peels to best suit your skin concerns. Medical grade peel solution and spicules peels to remove dry, dull skin cells, and reveal smoother, more radiant skin underneath. Consultation needed to pick your perfect peel! 

​** Peels packages are available for purchased! 


BioMicroneedling / Collagen Induction Therapy

Standard Microneedling     $275 *

* Stem cell upgrade add-on 2ml dose    $80

* Stem cell after care kit upgrade add-on   $100

(2 ml stem-cell, 5ml cleanser, 5ml serum and 5ml accelerator) 

Collagen Induction therapy is known as micro-needling. Micro-needling pen's needles produce microscopic puncture in skin that can enhance absorption of skin products, increase collagen and elastin production, which can minimize fine lines, scarring causes from acne overtime and heal your skin and helps you obtain a younger looking skin. A series of sessions are advised to purchase to achieve great result. 

  • Princess Biomicroneedling   $210

Treatment that detoxifies the skin, and promote turnover for skin regeneration, skin brightening, scar restoration, better complexion with the 'glassy skin look'. A biomicroneedling treatment without skin irritation and pain. Micro-needles derived from marine organisms penetrates deeper into the epidermis without injury. 

**50% deposit is required for this service**


Brows Makeover

  • Brow Lamination     $125 with tint/ $110 without tint 

Brow lamination is a perm of your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period. Brow lamination takes your unruly hair or thinning brows stay brushed and lifted upward for about 6 weeks.

** Patch Test required 48 hrs before the treatment**

  • Henna Brows     $150

Henna Brows are form of eyebrows tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow's hair. This tinting cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness of the brows. Henna tint stays on brows hair 2x longer than a regular tint and it is a natural dye made from plant known as Henna tree. Henna tint stay on skin for 2-14 days (depending on your skin type) and 6 weeks on hair.

** Patch test required 48 hrs before the treatment**



  • Lash Lift    $120 with tint/ $110 without tint (60 plus minutes)

Lash lift is a perm of your eyelashes. Lash lift treatment involves boosting and lifting each individual lash. Lash lift simply alters the shape of your lashes to its full potential and tinting natural hair for a thicker and more dramatic looking lashes. Result last 6-8 weeks or until your eyelashes have naturally grown out.

** Patch test required 48 hrs before the treatment**


Add-On same day treatment


Lip Wax__ $20        Brows Tint__ $45           Brows Wax__ $30               Lower Lids Lashes Tint__ $25   Nose Wax__ $25   

 Lashes Tint__ $40         Combo Brows Wax and Tint__ $65     Combo Brows Tint, Lashes and Lower Lid__ $90

High Frequency__ $35     LED Light__ $35               Nano Hydrating Spray__ $35    Brow Tension Massage_$55

Special Dermaplaning (only to an add-on to a booked on-day of service) _$110








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